Financial Aid Verification Requirement

If a student is selected for verification by the Department of Education or if the Student Aid Report (SAR) has conflicting information, the Financial Aid Office will verify the information by requesting additional information from the student/parent. The Financial Aid Office Recipients of Title IV funds who are selected for verification or whose SAR displays conflicting information should submit the required documents to the Financial Aid Office within sixty (60) days of the date of registration. A recipient who fails to provide required documentation within the specified period will be responsible for payment of all charges incurred.

The Financial Aid Office will contact all recipients with missing documents via mail and e-mail. The notification letter will indicate what is required and how to obtain requested information necessary to complete the verification process or resolve conflicting information.

Once the Financial Aid Office receives the requested documentation, if information on the recipient's application warrants correction, the Financial Aid Office will make the necessary corrections. The recipient can also make corrections on-line via the internet at Recipients must use their PIN to access records online or mail corrections to Federal Student Aid Programs, Post Office Box 7002, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864-0072.

PLEASE NOTE: If any modifications are made to Student Aid Report (SAR), a new award notification will be mailed to the student.