Welcome to the Department of Social Science, Education and Psychology at Coahoma Community College.  On behalf of the faculty and staff, I invite you to join us in creating a strong learning environment, an open forum for an exchange of ideas, and artistic exploration that will challenge your imagination and enrich your life.  The department of Social Science, Education and Psychology finds its strength in the expertise and dedication of faculty committed to help students realize their potential and reach their goals.

Our faculty assists students to learn, and they are actively engaged in learning.  We are fortunate to have students involved in shaping their educational experience while contributing to the social, cultural, and inspirational life of the college and community.  We teach through active learning.  Students investigate, write, question, create, advocate, and shape their own learning experience.

We hope you will continue to take advantage of the many learning opportunities provided by our classes and programs.  The Coahoma Community College faculty and staff are proud to be part of your lifelong learning experience.

I would like to extend my personal invitation to you to make the most of your educational experience at Coahoma Community College; be an active participant in the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual life of the college. Challenge us to grow with you!


Karen Done,
Chair, Department of Social Science, Education and Psychology
Instructor of Sociology