Students may request an official transcript in person, online, through the mail, or by a third party.

  • If you would like to obtain a transcript in person, you must provide a photo ID, pay $3.00 per transcript and complete a form in our office.

  • Students requesting a transcript by mail should download the CCC Transcript Request Form, complete, sign and mail the completed form to the address provided.  If necessary a student may send in a letter to include full name (including maiden name), student identification number, and address where the transcript is to be mailed, $3.00 per transcript, and the student’s signature.

  • If requesting a transcript by fax, include the above information along with your credit card information, the fax number where the transcript is to be faxed and the person’s name to receive the fax.  Faxed transcripts are considered unofficial and must be followed by an official copy through the mail.  Faxed transcripts are $10.00 plus $3.00 for the official copy.

  • Click here to order transcripts online.


Special Announcement

Coahoma Community College is pleased to announce that effective September 22, 2014 a new student service will be available for online transcript ordering and electronic transcript delivery.

Students will be permitted to order transcripts through a Web application but will be required to print, sign, and return a consent-to-release-transcript form.

To use this service you will be charged $3.00 for each copy of your transcript and an additional online convenience fee of $3.00 charged for each receiver of your transcript (regardless of the number of copies being sent).  During the online order process a major credit card will be required to pay these fees.  Additional fees may apply for transcripts that you have requested be printed and mailed.

You will receive email notifications that will inform you of when your transcript has been produced, electronically delivered, and read by the receiver.  Optionally, you may elect to receive text-messages.  And, you will also be able to check your order status and order history online.

Please watch for additional information and updates.