The Coahoma Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program is a 5 semester program that prepares the graduate to take the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses. The applicant must be a Licensed Practical Nurse with an unencumbered license and 6 to 9 months of experience and meet additional admission criteria. The total program of study is 71 semester hours.

Pre-Requisite Courses

Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
BIO2511 Anat and Phys I Lecture     3 hrs BIO 2523 II Lecture 3 hrs
BIO 2511 Anat and Phys I Lab 1 hr BIO 2521 II Lab 1 hr
ENG 1113 English Comp I 3 hrs BIO 2923 Microbiology Lecture 3 hrs
PSY 1513 General Psychology 3 hrs BIO 2921 Microbiology Lab 1 hr
BIO 1613 Nutrition 3 hrs MAT 1313 Col Alg or MAT1223 Int Alg 3 hrs
MUS 1113 Music Appreciation/ ART 1113 Art Appreciation 3 hrs EPY 2533 Human Growth and Dev 3 hrs
Total hours 16 hrs Total hours 14 hrs


Summer Session I Semester Hours Credit
NUR2013 Nursing Transition 3 hours
Upon successful completion of NUR 2013, students will be officially admitted to the nursing program and receive 14  hours on transcript credit based on the Advanced Placement Policy for Licensed Practical Nurses
(see CCC Online Catalog for description of policy). 
14 hours
Total hours 17 hours

Second Year

Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
NUR 2124 Mental Health Nursing 4 hours NUR2227 Medical Surgical Nursing 7 hours
 NUR 2128 Family Health Nursing 8 hours NUR 2223 Management of Client Care 3 hours


NUR 2232 NCLEX Review 2 hours
Total hours 12 hours   12 hours

Total Gen Ed courses-30 hours
Total Nursing Credits-41 hours

Total Program Hours-71 hours