Upon completion of the Associate Degree Nursing Program at Coahoma Community College, the graduate will be prepared to practice as follows:

I.  Provider Role: The graduate, utilizing the nursing process, will assist clients in      meeting health care needs using multidisciplinary resources in a variety of settings by:

  1. Exercising clinical reasoning skills as the basis for carrying out the nursing process to meet the physiological, psycho-social, and cultural needs of the client. 
  2. Utilizing various strategies in implementing and evaluating the teaching-learning process in a variety of ways to assist clients in meeting their self-care needs to promote health and prevent illness. 
  3. Demonstrating therapeutic communication, caring and professionalism in interpersonal interactions with clients and documentation of client care.

II. Manager Role: The graduate serves as client advocate in health care agencies and the community to optimize resources to facilitate the achievement of desired health outcomes for clients by:

  1. Collaborating with the multidisciplinary health care team to ensure a safe and effective client care environment including pharmacological management.
  2. Managing client care to incorporate evidence-based practice for the improvement of nursing care delivery and client safety.
  3. Adapting practice through reassessment and recognition of changes in the client’s condition that requires intervention.

III. Professional Role: The graduate demonstrates accountability for the ethical, legal, and professional practice of nursing by:

  1. Demonstrating accountability and ethical decision making in self- learning and in nursing actions based on accepted standards of nursing care.
  2. Accepting responsibility and accountability for continued role development by engaging in professional nursing activities. 
  3. Accepting a leadership role in the care of assigned clients by exercising independent judgment in advocating for clients across the life span to ensure quality of care in a variety of settings.

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