Adolescent Opportunity Program (AOP)

The Mental Health Intensive Adolescent Opportunity Program (AOP) day treatment services are directed toward assisting youth and their families to master the skills necessary to live successfully and work in the community by offering a wide range of therapeutic activities. The Mental Health Intensive AOP day treatment service is a community based model of care that provides an array of integrated therapeutic treatment and rehabilitative support services for youth, who have psychiatric disorders, and their families. The services are delivered through a structured, intensive, and therapeutic setting.

The objectives of the program will be to:

    a) Provide within a county or region, community based intervention services to youth and families in response to the ever-growing crime rate among adolescents. Special attention shall be given to adjudicated delinquent offenders twelve (12) to seventeen (17) years of age, who are at a high risk of becoming further involved in the Criminal Justice System.

    b) Provide alternatives to the ever growing Youth Court System caseload, as well as to supplement the supervision and attention already given by community and state agencies.

    c) Provide transitional and community based supervision services to youth released from the training school to ensure a successful reintegration into their community.

    d) Provide services in a balanced, coordinated, and comprehensive manner whether directly by the Provider or sub-contracted to a qualified community partner.

    b) Provide services that safely divert youth from any further contact with the Criminal Justice System and reintegrate them as responsible and productive citizens into the community through the development and use of community resources.

Director—Mrs. Loretta Palmer, (662) 621-4666

Funding source:  Mississippi Department of Human Services
Funding period:  October 1, 2013 September 30, 2014