CCC Tigers Kick Off Season with Media Day

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News media and journalists from around the state of Mississippi are invited to participate in Coahoma Community College’s first ever Media Day scheduled Aug. 27 at noon on the first floor of the Student Union.

The Tigers football team and coaches will be available for interviews, pictures and autographs. The public, faculty, staff and students are also invited to meet the team.

“It’s an opportunity to highlight what we’re doing here at Coahoma,” said Athletic Director and Head Coach Freeman Horton.

Horton has been impressed by the tenacity and energy of this year’s team and foresees a consistent building of momentum heading into the season that kicks off Aug. 29 at 7 p.m. at Gulf Coast Community College.

“This group this year they have all of that,” said Horton. “I have to try to calm them down sometimes. But I’d rather do that than pep them up.”

Horton has been most impressed by his sophomore leadership, which he believes is setting an exceptional early example for the underclassmen.

“I can’t say enough about this group because they really came in ready to work,” he said.

It’s that type of dedication and commitment that has also made it harder for the head coach to complete his final roster. Horton says that the Tigers final roster will be completed in the next few days.