CCC Awards Certificates from Short-Term Health Program

2014-05-02 | Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations - Brittany Davis, Assistant Director; (662) 621-4061 - bdavis@coahomacc.eduBookmark and Share

CLARKSDALE - Certificates were awarded to two dozen students completing short-term programs in Coahoma Community College’s Division of Health Sciences during a graduation ceremony Thursday evening.

Eighteen students, including three local high school seniors, received certificates from the Phlebotomy program during the ceremony held in the Georgia Lewis Theater, and six students received certificates from the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program. The high school students were dually enrolled in the Phlebotomy program through a partnership with CCC and the Tri-County Workforce Alliance.

Before graduation speaker Dr. Martha Catlette, CCC’s Vice-President of Health Sciences, gave her address, students received some words of wisdom from Chris Whitfield, CCC EMT instructor, and Zaqua Ervin, CCC phlebotomy instructor. Both encouraged students to continue seeking education in their respective fields.

“This is a very unique type of work and a very unique career,” said Whitfield to the EMT graduates. “You’ll see a lot of thing. …There will be times where you will want to quit. But I want you to understand that things that you do on the street, it makes a difference in peoples lives.”

“Graduation is only a concept. In real life you graduate everyday,” said Ervin. “Don’t put limits on yourself. Reach for your peek, your goal and your prize.”

Catlette opened by congratulating the students and welcoming them to the world of healthcare. She also recognized the graduate’s families and CCC instructors for helping the graduates achieve their success. She then discussed anticipated changes in the healthcare field and gave the graduates advice on how to ensure their success.

According to Catlette, the biggest change the graduates can expect is a drastic increase in job opportunities, citing increased access to healthcare due to the Affordable Care Act.

“This means many promising career options, not just for doctors and nurses, but also for other healthcare professionals with a variety of educational levels,” Catlette said. “It is important for each of you to take full advantage of the opportunity you now have to become credentialed in your practice and secure a job in your field.”

She offered graduates this advice to thrive and find fulfillment in their future careers: Develop people skills; be a team player; be organized and punctual; focus on work while you’re at work; set goals and take risks; and display a professional image.

Catlette closed by urging students to continue their education and strive for additional certifications and credentials.

“What will you next goal be?” Catlette asked the graduates. “ Your only limits are those you impose on yourself.”

Students completing the Emergency Medical Technician program were: Troy R. Barbieri of Clarksdale, MS; Jalissa M. Farmer of Tutwiler, MS; Elizabeth L. Henry of Cleveland, MS; Lucinda M. Jackson of Louise, MS; Courtney D. Ross of Clarksdale, MS; and Jarlicia I. Scott of Shelby, MS.

Students completing the Phlebotomy program were: Tanisha L. Bryant of Clarksdale, MS; Alison N. Campbell of Lambert, MS; Carolyn D. Christian of Metcalfe, MS; Erica D. Crooms of Greenville, MS; Kimberly A. Dear of Clarksdale, MS; Khadijah R. Fisher of Clarksdale, MS; Nichole L. Foster of Merigold, MS; Cameron L. Gates of Lyon, MS; Cynthia R. Green of Clarksdale, MS; Tirmardria L. Johnson of Clarksdale, MS; Kendria S. Lanney of Shaw, MS; Erikka M. Magsby of Friars Point, MS; Jasmine S. Mays of Jonestown, MS; Eraina M. Norman of Mound Bayou, MS; Shamekia Scott of Shelby, MS; Vanessa L. Taylor of Rosedale, MS; Quasha M. Tillman of Clarksdale, MS; and Jessica G. Tolivar of Clarksdale, MS.

A pinning ceremony for students completing the Associate Degree Nursing, Polysomnography and Respiratory Care programs are scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday, May 8, in the Pinnacle.

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