Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (Constitution Day)

September 17 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (Constitution Day). This day commemorates the September 17, 1787 signing of the United States Constitution. Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year is required to hold an educational program about the U.S. Constitution for its students. In 2012, because September 17 falls on a religious holiday (Rosh Hashanah), educational institutions receiving Federal funding may celebrate Constitution Day during the preceding or following week.

Coahoma Community College will host, annually, it's Constitution Day and Citizenship Day on September 17th, unless the date falls on a weekend or a religious holiday. To that end, the day will be observed the Monday that follows the 17th. All students are strongly encouraged to attend.

For more information, please contact a member of the Student Government Association or Christopher Dixon, Career Services and Placement Manager, at or (662) 621-4155.